The actual writing process!

The road to hell is paved with works-in-progress

-Philip Roth

How do mental health bloggers engage with digital media? Through writing. So let’s take a look at the journey of our craft and the influence that new technology has on it.

The writing process looks different for everyone. And that’s to be expected.

And while I can’t vouch for what others do, the internet certainly can.

My own process? It’s pretty nasty and deformed. Grotesque even. But slowly I am beginning to understand a little bit more about it.

For instance, I still get stuck a lot. So let’s look at why exactly that is:


I’m still not sure if putting things off is a necessary part of my creative process or a symptom of laziness. What I do know, is that I spend an obligatory amount of time stressing about not actually working over the course of doing any written exercise. This is true for work, uni or free writing. But that’s okay. It happens to all of us.

Apparently this is super common for mental health bloggers. Just ask justinemusk.

Be mindful that procrastination can actually be a manifestation of fear. Stumbling around may seem innocent enough, but it can also be a deliberate ploy. Consciously or unconsciously. There is a flip side to this, however, and I’m living proof. Earlier on I was super determined to get my work finished and uploaded as soon as possible, but then I came to release that I am better for taking the time, to let things mature and grow. It’s made me feel more relaxed and confident about my work. It has also made me feel more confident about releasing my work too. So I can’t wait.

Stephanie BWABWA presents three great reasons why you shouldn’t rush your blog posts on her site here.

It’s important to keep in mind that our content is shaped by the platform that we are using. So, the eloquence of Trotsky’s War and Peace might be out of place on our blogs. Be short sharp and concise. But don’t limit yourself or let is stress you. Just be mindful. Or think of it as an excuse to be lazy.

How can bloggers deal with the challenges of writing?

By embracing the chaos

Let words stagnate and then watch them come. I know when it comes to my own work that ideas come at the most inconvenient times. Usually when I’m on bed, or without a pen. But that’s part of the game. In fact, that’s just it. I’ve slowly come to realize that writing and creativity is not a straight forward exercise. And all of my previously mentioned mental health blogging buddies have corroborated this. It’s a brutal, bendy and windy road where people get stuck. But that’s where the magic comes from. Throw in some topsy turvy anxiety and you’re in for a bit of a rough road, just ask Anxious Lass!. But at the end of the day that’s the business that we are in. And hopefully, why people will keep tuning in. That’s what they relate to. That’s what they seek.,

By thinking of it as therapy

Blogging is like keeping an online diary, except it is open to the entire world. So no wonder it’s scary.

It’s even been referred to as the psychology of cyberspace which sounds pretty cool!

Try looking at it as a free flow exercise that lets things come naturally. When it comes time to press send, you can either keep it private or publish it online. It’s up to you, but it can be surprising to see what comes, and the impact of this upon yourself and others.

Writing is a journey, and an interesting one at that. If we can scoop up a few people here or there by producing interesting stuff, then our medium is all the more powerful.

Something I hope to do is blog about my own journey, by sharing some of my struggles, triumphs and hiccups. By taking people along with me, hopefully they will be able to relate. There are some great survival guides that share this same idea.

A fork in the road

I’m planning to engage with digital media through my writing – and my writing is going to be honest. I was faced with a tough decision over how much personal information to share. It became clear that honesty was the best solution. Instead of hiding behind my words I decided to use them to reveal myself. It was the best thing for myself and others. This sentiment is reflected by the singleswan and it’s really inspiring.

I can’t wait to share.

Image: Hands writing. Used with permission.


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